World Hydrogen Week

May 16, 2024

Join3,500+ hydrogen professionals in Copenhagen at World Hydrogen Week, 30September – 4 October 2024 for a week of knowledge-sharing, innovation andnetworking with the ultimate goal of achieving a net-zero economy.


The weekincludes the return of World Hydrogen Derivatives, World Hydrogen IntelligenceDay and World Hydrogen Global Projects Summit, along with the 5th annual WorldHydrogen Congress and to drive forward the transition of clean and sustainableenergy. And brand new for 2024, the Innovate to Net Zero Summit forcarbon-intensive and hard-to-abate sectors, designed to support the conceptionof decarbonization road maps. Tailor your week for personalized knowledgesharing, relationship building and project realization support.


Aspartners of the event, members of the Middle East Gases Association can receive20% off using the code WHW24_MEGA20