Mission Statement

For our Industrial Gases industry in the Middle East

MEGA shall actively promote safety, health and environmental awareness through the setting up of technical expert Work Groups that will study and advise on the various aspects of production and distribution of gases. This will lead to the publication of technical documents and the organization of technical conferences and safety training courses.
MEGA shall establish effective liaison with the other international gases associations and represent the views and interests of the regional gases association in Middle East in order to achieve international consistency in standards and practices.
MEGA shall set up a Safety Advisory work Group (SAG) comprising safety experts from its members.
The group will share lessons learned from the accidents, incidents and near misses and will help to develop the training tools and codes of good practices to provide guidance on preventing their recurrence or minimizing their consequences.

To promote general safety, health, environmental awareness and security so that occupational injuries and illnesses are minimized, environmental damage is avoided, security of hazardous materials is assured and continuous improvement of performance in these areas is achieved.
To provide national bodies with standards and information for their use and recommendation to local authorities in the preparation of laws and regulations that will be both practical and effective.
To promote harmonization of technical standards and practices within the industry.
To review accidents, incidents and near miss and recommend preventive measures.
To promote the creation and continual vigor of national membership thereby encouraging the nation-wide implementation of its standards.
To promote an effective and efficient response to emergencies involving industrial gases in transit between our members countries and at customer sites.

Vision Statement

Our Values

As a recognized authority in Industrial Gases sector, MEGA will continue providing support and advice in term of:


Promoting best safety practices in the production and transportation of Industrial Gases.


MEGA is working towards preserving nature and protecting people by improving environmental performance and proactively recommending regulations to their partners.


We develop standardized practices across the industry. Working together with our regional partners we introduce and publicize internationally recognized rules and practices.


MEGA Anti Trust Compliance Program

The mission of MEGA is to provide a forum for its members to apply and share their respective experience in the safe production, handling and use of industrial, medical, food and special gases to achieve higher levels of safety and environmental care in the handling of these gases.

MEGA shall not be used as a forum for the discussion of business secrets. MEGA´s meetings always must be conducted to avoid even the appearance that its members are taking common action which might restrict competition.
It is the strict policy of MEGA to comply with the letter and spirit of laws in the member states, insofar as existing.

It is MEGA's strict policy to follow a prudent rule in relation to any Antitrust issue. MEGA in this respect has prepared the Antitrust Compliance Guidelines and Meeting Rules for its members' reference.

These Meeting Rules apply to all Meetings under the guidance of MEGA. The notification of these Meeting Rules to all attendees and their acceptance will be pointed out in the minutes.


Leading gaz companies are already part of MEGA

Category 1



Category 3

Al-Khabourah & Nizwa Gas Factory


Category 3

I Gas Al-Khobar For Industrial Equipment and Trading


Category 4



Category 3

Bristol Gases


Category 3

Roham Industrial Gases


Category 4



Category 3

Arkan Gas


Category 4



Category 3

AL-SAEED GASES Co. شركة السعيد للغازات


Category 4



Category 3

Prime Co. Middle East Ltd.


Category 3

Global Gas Services LLC


Category 3

Gulf Helium Services


Category 3

Brothers Gas Bottling and Distribution Co. LLC


Category 2

Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases and Equipment Co (LLC)


Category 1

Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories


Category 1

Air Products Middle East FZE


Category 1

Linde Gas Middle East LLC


Category 1

Air Liquide Middle East & North Africa FZCO


Category 1

Gulf Cryo LLC


Category 3

Dubai Industrial Gases