WG - MED & FOOD (34) Meeting

November 9, 2021

WG-MED & FOOD scope of work include regulations for Medicinal Gases, Medical Devices and Lobbying/Influencing of authorities.

The major WG-MED & FOOD responsibilities :

  • To approach Authorities as harmonized gas-companies in MEGA name to influence the Authorities to do the change in legislation to be more dedicated for Medicinal gases as DRUGS.
  • To propose harmonization steps in order to align the Middle East activities for Medicinal Gases in all countries.
  • To prepare documents for upgrading medicinal gases, to separate the medicinal gases from industrial gases in production, analysis, distribution and sales.
  • To monitor International Standards design and implement regulations like Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP),  Good Distribution Practice (GDP), and later on Marketing Authorization for Medicinal Gases.
  • To implement Monographs for Medicinal Gases from primary the European Pharmacopeia.
  • To implement  Medicinal Standards for valves and cylinders like color coding.
  • To  perform trainings, courses for relevant groups of employees in the new adjusted regulations/guidelines etc.
  • To provide guidance about legislations for colleagues in the gas-companies.