SAG & ENV (46)

August 28, 2022

WG-SAG: The Safety Advisory Group was created in 2010. Its aims and objectives are the core of MEGA‘s mission

  • To strive to improve the safety performance of the Middle East Industrial Gases industry through its Member Companies and Association.
  • To improve the safe handling and use of industrial gases at member sites as well as customers sites, taking into account that there is more public use and exposure to industry products: Industrial, medical and specialty gases in addition to cryogenic products.
  • To monitor and adapt global legislation in the field of Occupational Health and Safety and to try to develop, upgrade and eventually enforce local and regional legislation.
  • To encourage HSE relative information sharing among group members to share knowledge and experience.

WG-ENV works on environmental affairs includes the following responsibilities:

  • To monitor/ influence current and proposed regional and international legislation in the field of environmental protection relevant to the activities of MEGA member companies.
  • To determine the need and scope for MEGA documents, position papers, communications or training material on environmental issues and to provide guidance to the TC and MEGA Members.
  • To review environmental incidents, determine the causes and propose ways to avoid re-occurrence.
  • To propose solutions for immediate environmental issues related to the Industrial Gases activity.